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From The Founder's Desk

I started Odaco.in because I looked at the world around me and I thought I could do better, I should do better. The typical Indian mentality regarding open relationship can not be changed without changing our thinking and there is a rapid increase in sexual frustration in both Males and Females, specially in unmarried urban Females. This issue can not be solved with the help of traditional Indian Ethics. We need new tools, new traditions for those urban people. This is just a simple step, but change is not a one day job. It begins with continuous thinking. It begins with persistence, determination and commitment. I am trying to push these people towards open relationship and to change their conventional way of thinking by providing them a platform. So that they can enjoy the relationships without any moral or cultural burden moreover they can walk freely and live freely with their partners anywhere in India with or without marriage.

The Founder
Arun Singh